Utica’s UB95M-200 gas-fired modulating condensing boiler was the first 95% AFUE boiler available. Ideal for high efficiency replacement jobs, new homes, radiant heating, and domestic hot water applications, UB95M cost saving features include infinitely modulating capacity from 80 to 200 MBH, outdoor temperature reset, and domestic hot water priority. The UB95's electrical operating costs are lower than other high efficiency boilers because no primary/secondary dedicated piping arrangement is required. One circulator can service the boiler and all zones. Intake and flue gasses can be piped with readily available 3" PVC to 60' and the contractor has the option of left, right or rear exit for return plumbing and gas piping. Piping connections on the rear and top of the units facilitate multiple boiler installations with boilers in close quarters and the integral condensate trap requires no field assembly. The unit features a standard 115v convenience outlet as well.

 UB90 -100

The UB90-100 offers a remarkable 90% AFUE efficiency rating, dramatically reducing fuel consumption and paying for itself in substantial fuel savings. 

The UB90-100 utilizes a cast aluminum heat exchanger, offering greater thermal conductivity which transfers heat three times faster than conventional cast iron and produces enormous gains in heat-up speed and operating efficiency. The UB90-100 features integrated boiler control with high limit for operation, safety and diagnostics. Ignition is provided by a hot surface igniter and single stage gas valve. Air flow proving switches ensure air intake and exhaust vents are clear. All components are easily accessible for ease of installation and maintenance. Unlike conventional atmospheric boilers, the UB90-100 has sealed combustion, direct-vent forced draft design to draw fresh air from outdoors for combustion, instead of from inside the home. Cooled flue gas can be safely vented through inexpensive, readily available and easy to install PVC,



MGB       standing pilot or 

electronic ignition

The MGB Series offers a selection of nine cast iron boilers designed for chimney-vent applications. MGB boilers incorporate an advanced combustion design using atmospheric burners. Choose an optional electronic ignition with standard vent damper and the MGB delivers fuel efficiencies up to 84.1%. Design and packaging features make the MGB easy to install and maintain. An integral draft diverter allows installation of the MGB in areas with only 4 feet of ceiling height.



DV-B Series power vented boiler


DV-B Seriers boilers are available in 5 sizes, features cast iron effeicnes up to 83%, and a limited lifetime warranty. The DV-B ventings flexibility makes it an excellent choice for new  or exsisting homes with or without a chimney. Easy to install and maintain, The DV-B combines quality, cast iron construction with compact design. Standing only 30 3/4" high, DV-B series boilers are a perfect fit for almost every residential application.



UB95M-200, UB90-100 & UB90-200 

Come with a 15 Year Heat Exchanger

MGB & DV-B boilers Come with a Limited Lifetime Heat Exchanger 

All Products Carry a 1 Year Parts

All Products Carry a 1 Year Labor

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Hot Line:  Indirect Water Heater

  The Hot line storage tank works in conjunction with a gas or oil fired boiler to supply residential and commercial hot water needs more effieciently. Hot Line tanks deliver 3 to 5 times more domestic hot water than electric or gas fired hot water heating equipment.